Tag: “monitoring”


logfmt 1.0.0 logfmt log collector Browse Download
pg_jobmon 1.4.1 Job logging and monitoring extension Browse Download
pg_metricus 1.0.2 Sending metrics in the socket from pl/pgsql code. Browse Download
pg_monitoring 0.0.1 A collection of monitoring functions for Postgres Browse Download
pg_stat_kcache 2.2.3 An extension gathering CPU and disk acess statistics Browse Download
pg_stat_monitor 1.1.0 PostgreSQL Query Performance Monitoring Tool Browse Download
pg_track_settings 2.1.2 A simple extension which keep track of postgresql settings modifications Browse Download
pgtelemetry 1.6.0 Useful monitoring and metrics views for PostgreSQL Browse Download
powa 4.2.2 An extension gathering pg_stat_statements and other plugins statistics Browse Download
query_histogram 1.1.0 A histogram of queries Browse Download